Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Ruby Orchard

SCCSS Board Member

Born in New Westminster, Ruby Orchard remembers fondly days in the early ‘70s dancing to the pipers at Robbie Burns Dinners at the Legions in Roberts Creek, Gibsons and Sechelt as well as coming to perform with other highland dancers at the Timber Days festival in Hackett Park. In the intervening years, a 30-year career in Contract Administration followed in industries such as Mining and Commercial/Multifamily construction with a brief foray into Commercial Playground and the BC Film industries. Ruby holds a diploma in Construction and Project Management as well as an ancient diploma in Graphic Design.

Since joining the Board 3 years ago, Ruby realized her construction expertise plays second fiddle compared to her interest social equity, healing and justice. Similarly to championing equity in the fields of construction and engineering, she believes enthusiasm, compassion and commitment is needed to correct social inequity. When we address the needs of our most vulnerable population with compassion, understanding and without delay, we raise the standard of care for all of us.

“I joined the Board 3 years ago particularly out of interest for the Building Together project. I know that when we support women, we strengthen the whole of our communities. The time is ripe; I know we can do this... our future health depends on it!”
Ruby Orchard
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