Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Nora Prevost

Principal Designer, Imagina Design

Truly a west coast woman, Nora Prevost was born and spent most of her life in Vancouver. Her professional life of over 30 years was as a city planner and development manager. She obtained a Master’s Degree in City Planning from the University of Manitoba and worked as a city planner early in her career. She then worked as a development manager for a land development company and then was employed by MacMillan Bloedel to manage the development of surplus timberland and industrial properties including one in West Sechelt. In the late 1990s she set up her own consulting company and provided her expertise to assist in property rezonings, community consultation and commercial leasing. In addition she volunteered her time as a board member of Easy Park, the Vancouver School of Theology, the Architectural Institute of B.C. and was the chair of the University Endowment Lands Advisory Planning Committee.

On retirement, Nora turned her creative talents to making jewellery, painting and soap stone sculpting. Living in Sechelt for the last four years she uses the mountains, ocean and lush vegetation as inspiration for her artistic endeavours. Her jewellery, painting and sculptures can be viewed at

Assisting other women both in business and in their personal lives has always been important to Nora. She is excited to be part of the “50 Women for SCCSS” and hopes that her involvement will encourage others to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

“Women are a strategic resource as the backbone of most families. By supporting the construction of a safe place for vulnerable women and their children I feel that I am fulfilling my societal responsibility to support those most in need.”
Nora Prevost
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