Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Nicole Arnett

Co-chair 50 Women for SCCSS, Realtor, RE/Max Oceanview

Nicole Arnett is a local Sunshine Coast realtor with a long career history of entrepreneurship. While overseeing a number of her co-owned businesses in Vancouver, she helped create and facilitate several social entrepreneurship programs including a commissary kitchen, community cooking classes and meal delivery service to multiple SRO’s in the DTES.

She is a mom, animal lover, amateur potter, living organ donor and advocate for organ donation in BC.

Nicole is also actively involved in giving back throughout her coastal community and believes that accessible housing is among our most critical and crucial issues needing to be addressed today.

She is thrilled to add her voice and energy to this wonderful project and proud to fundraise alongside the team of 50 Women for SCCSS.

“I feel that safe, accessible housing for all is a cornerstone of a healthy community. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful campaign and invite anyone who can to support this project!”
Nicole Arnett
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