Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Krista Wollen Schultz

Realtor, RE/Max City

Krista brings a warm and positive presence to the Sunshine Coast. She loves her role as a realtor as well as relishing the joys of motherhood alongside her supportive husband. Beyond her professional and personal life, Krista’s heart beats for her community. Volunteering at Community Futures, spearheading diverse fundraising campaigns, and actively engaging with her children’s schools, she finds profound joy participating in the community she grew up in.

Krista’s journey to this point has been rich and diverse. Prior to becoming a realtor, Krista has a background in art and design, graduating from Concordia University with her BFA. From her formative late teens and early twenties spent navigating various jobs to her year-long volunteer journey spanning the United States, Norway, and Japan, Krista’s empathy and genuine care for both her local and global community have deepened. Through these experiences, she witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by those born into adversity and the transformative power of community support. For Krista, her work as a realtor represents more than just transactions; it’s about building communities where individuals can flourish, supported by secure housing and shared resources.

“Housing for everyone is fundamental to creating a healthy, well rounded community.”
Krista Wollen Schultz
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