Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Jessica Silvey

Coast Salish Weaver and Fibre Artist

Jessica Silvey has been weaving with wool and cedar for over thirty years, and participating in public exhibitions since 2004. Her love of Coast Salish Basketry and weaving comes from the cedar root baskets in her Grandmother’s home, baskets of various shapes, sizes and patinas that were woven by her aunts and grandmothers. Jessica has learned traditional techniques from research as well as trial and error. She harvests and prepares her own materials as well as traditional plants for dyes and medicines.

Jessica’s love for weaving and fibre arts, coupled with a background in museum curating and love of nature inspired her to open her own studio. In 2016 she opened Red Cedar Woman Weaving Studio, where she facilitates immersive weaving workshops in Coast Salish basketry, Salish weaving on the floor loom and harvesting traditional plants for dyes and medicines for Nations, schools, local museums, and universities. To date, she has also curated eight weaving exhibits in British Columbia and Australia.

“It’s about creating an amazing place of connection for women and children, a safe space that promotes healthy opportunities and love.”
Jessica Silvey
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