Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Jen Robertson-Hatanaka

Regional Vice President at Starbucks

The greatest influence in Jen’s life has been her mother, a strong woman who lived on her own from a young age, a woman who raised four girls as a single parent, a woman who demonstrated tenacity, big love and that continuous growth is necessary. She worked multiple jobs to provide and focus on bettering her position through education and applying her best always. She also taught her children how to accept help and to always pay it forward so that others can find their path to thrive. Tenacity, courage and kindness are values that are deeply ingrained in this family and for Jen, these are demonstrated in how she has grown her own family and career.

Beginning in a customer service role for a high-growth organization led to opportunities for growth and advancement both within Canada and internationally, today Jen is a vice president of operations for the organization that she started as a barista. While proud of her own career journey what is most important to Jen is the responsibility and privilege to provide opportunity, growth and a bridge to a better future for others, this looks like inclusion, development and co-creation for those she serves.

Jen leads her life with a clear purpose to live authentically in every moment and to shine a light so that others can be seen for their authentic selves as well. The opportunity to support this important initiative is an opportunity for a greater purpose as well as a way in which Jen can continue to pay forward the support she has received during her childhood and early career.

“We all have 5 basic needs to survive and thrive as human beings – the air we breath gives life, water and food nutrition our bodies, shelter provides security and love is what is critical to thrive. When someone needs help offering that help wrapped in love is what will support that person to move just surviving to thriving.”
Jen Robertson-Hatanaka
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