Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Jacqueline Schach

Board Chair, Sunshine Coast ElderCollege and Community Volunteer

Jackie’s professional life has always aligned with her values. Starting with entrepreneurship courses for women through McGill’s Continuing Education Division, to serving as Chair of an Affirmative Action Task Force at an Ontario college and then leading the Centre for Education and Employment Equity at another Ontario college, the focus of her work is on matters of social justice, equity and inclusion. After more than 15 years in post-secondary education, Jackie established and ran her own consulting practice for 20 years as a change management facilitator, working exclusively with clients in the public and not-for-profit sectors, designing and leading processes to help organizations generate ideas, solve problems and improve success. During that time, she served many clients with goals similar to those of SCCSS’s Building Together initiative. So Jackie has seen first-hand the positive impact neighbourhood revitalization can have on a community and its residents, most especially for vulnerable women and children.

Jackie has immersed herself in community issues since arriving on the Coast in 2017, both as a volunteer and by offering her facilitation services pro bono to local not-for-profit groups. She’s been following the progress of Building Together since the project’s launch in 2019 and is very excited about this opportunity to work with others and make a difference through raising awareness and funds for it directly.

“My work has shown me that every person has the potential to thrive if given the proper foundation and tools. Providing affordable, safe housing and access to a Community Services hub are essential to creating that opportunity for the vulnerable women in our community.”
Jacqueline Schach
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