Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Deb Mealia

Retired, founding member of Yew Transition House

Deb Mealia, along with her family, relocated to the Sunshine Coast in 1979. A founding mother of Yew Transition House, Deb has been actively involved in various volunteer boards, including Community Futures, Community Services, and currently holds positions on the boards of Community Living and Salish Soils.

Having initiated her career in social services in Ontario in 1977, Deb has consistently advocated for women’s rights. In 1996, she underwent a career transition and joined her husband Jim in financial planning, a profession from which she retired a couple of years ago. Throughout her life, volunteering has played a significant role, and Deb takes pride in being a part of this initiative.

“I want to be part of a community that has room for everyone in it to thrive. A measure of a community is how well the least fortunate person is doing.”
Deb Mealia
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