Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Carmelita Weichert

Coordinator, Project Advance, Holy Family Parish

In her professional life, Carmelita has a background in banking and is now enjoying her retirement. As a member of the Third Order of the Secular Carmelites, she actively serves at Holy Family Parish in West Sechelt. In her role, she coordinates fundraising activities for Project Advance within her parish, working under the auspices of the Diocese. This experience has equipped her with valuable insights into effective fundraising strategies and the importance of supporting causes like the Building Together Project.

Observing a growing population with diverse needs, including increasing homelessness, single parents struggling to support their families, and individuals facing financial hardship, Carmelita is honoured to be among the 50 women selected to contribute to the Building Together Project’s fundraising efforts.

Motivated by these pressing issues, Carmelita is committed to dedicating her time and energy to support this noble cause. She firmly believes that even small contributions can make a significant impact. Carmelita’s dedication to service is guided by the principle that “God loves a cheerful giver.” With this guiding philosophy, she is eager to contribute her efforts to make a positive difference in her community and beyond.

“Participating in this initiative is more than just a charitable act—it's about leaving behind a meaningful legacy that aligns with my values and beliefs.”
Carmelita Weichert
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