Fifty Women for SCCSS - An initiative of: Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

Andy Jones-Cox

SCCSS Board Member

Andy and his spouse have been homeowners in Halfmoon Bay since 2003. Andy’s passion for community shines through his active involvement with the Sunshine Coast Community Services Society and his dedicated commitment to enhancing life in Halfmoon Bay.

Andy’s professional journey spans three decades in computer software development and management. From England to South Africa and the U.S., Andy’s career path led him through various technical roles before assuming leadership positions, including notable stints with Vancity Credit Union and the Land Titles and Survey Authority in Victoria, and in 2010, establishing a successful franchise tutoring business in North and West Vancouver.

Beyond the boardroom, Andy finds solace and joy in outdoor adventures, from hiking to cycling and even pickleball. In retirement, his focus has shifted to addressing the economic disparities prevalent in communities like the Sunshine Coast. As a supporter of SCCSS, Andy has dedicated three years to serving on its Board of Directors.

Now, Andy is eager to champion the SCCSS Building Together project, recognizing its vital role in addressing the pressing need for housing, especially for vulnerable women and their children. He believes that by establishing a new delivery hub for Community Services, SCCSS can usher in a new era of positive impact for the Sunshine Coast and the District of Sechelt.

“We need this housing so badly, and SCCSS desperately needs a new home as well. Please join me in donating to make this dream come true. Together we can.”
Andy Jones-Cox
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